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Your Face Sounds Familiar: ITV show is a poor summer filler

TV review: ITV's celebrity talent show Your Face Sounds Familiar is a poor substitute for Stars In Their Eyes.

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Your Face Sounds Familiar, ITV's newest light entertainment show is an adaptation of a Spanish format, where six celebrities perform as randomly-chosen pop stars for a weekly £10,000 charity jackpot.


The only person who managed to actually mimic their celebrity singer, while also having some degree of noticeable fun, was Bobby Davro doing Tom Jones' Sex Bomb (even if he couldn't actually pronounce "bomb" properly).


How do you choose a lowlight when you're staring down an abyss? The format has copious flaws, but the poor choice of judges and presenters was probably my biggest irritation.

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Britain's Got Talent and Saturday Night Takeaway have finished for the year, and X Factor is still a few weeks away, so ITV have bought the format to a Spanish show that essentially just adds an element of random choice to a Stars in their Eyes celebrity special.

Wouldn't it make more sense to just revive Stars in Their Eyes and tinker with the format?

"Wouldn't it make more sense to just revive Stars in Their Eyes?"

Your Face Sounds Familiar is a similar fiasco to Splash!, although the pacing is less of an issue.

Motor-mouth Paddy McGuinness and Alesha Dixon host the show, which finds the same six celebrities becoming pop tribute acts every week.

Their impersonations are decided by a so-called 'randomiser', which Paddy is already using to launch a new catchphrase ("release the randomiser!"), but I can't see it catching on.

Everything about this show throws up an issue with the leaky format. Why reuse the same six celebs rather than keep things fresh by giving us a half-dozen new ones every week?

Why bother with the randomiser to decide between only three possible outcomes? That eliminates the potential hilarity of seeing plump Cheryl Ferguson as Katy Perry (rather than Emmerdale babe Natalie Anderson), or Bobby Davro as Tina Turner, with Denise Lewis as Tom Jones.

How the show falls down

Some may argue that this show's only a bit of silly nonsense ensuring a £10,000 windfall to charities, so why bother getting upset about it?

I just don't see benevolence and low aspirations as a valid reason to give anything a free pass. The creative decisions of this show stink. Julian Clary has the 'Jo Brand-on-Splash!' role of 'comedy judge'? Oh dear.

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Spice Girl Emma Bunton passing judgement on singing? Thank the TV gods for Donnie Osmond who effortlessly surpassed his fellow judges in the entertainment-value stakes, despite being a mere 'guest judge' for one week only.

A shame he over-rated and over-marked performances though (hating Alexander Armstrong's dreary Johnny Cash imitation, but nevertheless scoring him higher than Clary!).

I suspect this show is aimed at an older demographic than you'd perhaps imagine, as most people under-30 will be out drinking or partying.

It can't be a coincidence that the only contemporary pop star in the line-up was Katy Perry, looking conspicuous in an ensemble that included mum and dad favourites Johnny Cash and Dusty Springfield.

That said, I can't believe anyone will actually sit down and enjoy this asinine celebrity Karaoke.

The only function of shows like this are as vehicles for washed-out celebs who require a new "as seen on..." slogan for the winter's forthcoming pantomime poster.

  • Verdict: It's another ridiculous overseas format, broadcasting during the summer where it can do the least damage.

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