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Paula Hamilton: 'Frankie Dettori is fake!'

Celebrity Big Brother 2013 saw Paula Hamilton being evicted. We talked to her about the show.

Paula Hamilton chats to us about her time in the Big Brother house.

Celebrity Big Brother 2013 is off to a flying start and model Paula Hamilton is the first celebrity to be evicted from the house.

We caught up with the controversial housemate and she chatted to us about her love for Rylan Clark, her admiration for Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt's relationship and she also revealed to us exactly why she thinks Frankie Dettori is fake...

Hi Paula, you’ve done so well in the house but do you think you could have survived longer?

Paula: It was a walk and a breeze! I would have loved to have stayed longer in the house – what a privilege! It was a great house.

You said to Brian Dowling that everything was a bit of a blur, now you’ve had a bit of time to think about it, what were your fondest memories in the house?

Paula: My fondest memory was Rylan giving me his bracelet, which was very sentimental to him and he said he just wants to stay in touch with me. My second fondest memory was being invited to Razor’s wedding. There’s so many. I have so many fond memories.

What did you think of Rylan in the house?

Paula: He’s genuine, he’s funny, he’s witty, he’s good-looking, he’s kind, he’s gentle, he’s caring; when do you want me to stop?



"All the housemates are playing games!"

What did you make of Spencer and Heidi? Are they how you thought they would be?

Paula: They’re beautiful, I want what they have. I want that beautiful commitment. They’ve been through hell and back, they stuck together and they’re in love.

Are you going to be looking for a new man now that you’ve left the house?

Paula: I don’t look. They come to me!

Did you learn anything about yourself after going into the house?

Paula: Yes, that I’ve done a lot of exciting things.

On the outside, there were some reports that you weren’t handling being inside the house too well. Why do you think people thought that?

Paula: I don’t know. I’m just eccentric and a bit different. This is the first winter I’ve spent in England in a decade, so I got the Winter Blues. And I missed my dog.

If Big Brother offered you a chance to go back into the house, would you do it?

Paula: Damn right I would!

Who would you want to win the show?

Paula: I would really like to see Rylan to win or I would like to see Razor win it.


Paula tells us in our interview that she thinks Frankie Dettori is fake. (© Channel 5)

You said that you thought Frankie was playing a game and being fake in the house, do you still think that now?

Paula: One-hundred-per-cent. They’re all playing a game, now that I’ve seen it from the outside. They’ve all got their little games going on, yeah. But that always goes over my head because I’m just a trusting, loving person.

Do you think that Frankie was deliberately trying to win people over by putting himself up for nomination?

Paula. Of course he did. He knew. He’s a clever little Italian!

Did anyone really surprise you with how they were in the house?

Paula: I was most impressed with Lacey. To be twenty years of age, to have had one man, to be a glamour girl and have such a kind heart. She’s so down-to-earth. As soon as the couple came in, if you noticed, she stopped showing her bum. When they were all single and there were no couples in there, she was quite happy to walk around in her knickers! But, as soon as a couple came in, she became very respectful and covered her bum up! She impressed me. She’s got a lovely bum.

Everyone seems to be getting on really well so far in the Celebrity Big Brother house, do you think there’s any tensions bubbling under the surface?

Paula: No, I don’t see any of that. I think there might be when they put two more faces in. There are two empty bank square boxes on the wall and we used to stare at them and wonder ‘Who’s coming in?’

If you were still in the house, which two celebrities would you have liked to see go in?

"I think Jim Davidson is a smarmy g*t!"

Paula: I would like to see Boy George and Nelson Mandela!

What do you think your role was in the house?

Paula: Just an entertainer I suppose.  A storyteller.

Is there anyone you would have really disliked to have seen in the house?

Paula: Yes, Jim Davidson. Yeah, I’ve got a nervy feeling about that guy!

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Have you met him before?

Paula: Yes I have and I didn’t warm to him.  I just think he’s a smarmy git!

How would you have felt if Simon Cowell went into the house?

Paula: I would have thought ‘how much did they have to pay him to get him in?

What do you think his downfall would be if he went into the house?

Paula: Simon Cowell has no downfalls!


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