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Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Speidi "They were all pawns on our chessboard."

Reality stars Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt talk about winner Rylan Clark, the arguments and their fellow housemates

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt talk about their Celebrity Big Brother experience, the tears and tantrums. I was rather impressed until the chess reference!

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt (© Channel 5)

How would you describe yourself as a person?
Spencer: A loving husband

Did you set out to be this year's villains?
Spencer: I think the baddies make the best tv. I enjoy reality tv and it's my chance to give back. As long as it's in good fun, it's all in jest. We discovered something called panto while in the house and I love the idea of panto. We are entertainers.

You didn't look like you enjoyed the boos as you left the house Heidi?
I don't mind. I didn't love it but I know it's part of the game.

There was speculation over the past three weeks that you had a billionaire friend voting for you, I didn't believe it myself.

"We did feel bullied at times!"

Spencer: People take things too seriously, if I had a billionaire friend then we wouldn't be in the Big Brother house and they'd have called and called. We wouldn't have come second would we?

Do you think Rylan deserved to win?
He has wanted this for a long time. He played the game as we did just in a different way. I think he's a worthy winner.

Who was your favourite housemate?
Heidi: My favourite was Paula, I think she was a great person and I love her the most.
Spencer: Yeah, I could have watched Paula all day. I think she should have won the whole series. I could have eaten popcorn and watched her all day long... listening to how she learned from the zulus.

What have you learned from your time in the Celebrity Big Brother house?
Spencer: I think in British culture, the British give hugs and kisses and be the best of friends and then go in the other room and (a word we've learned) slag them off. I think we were more real and that's why we shined on the show.

And finally, after three weeks of arguments and the tears during the last supper... did anyone really upset you?
We did feel bullied at times but not one thing they said could upset me. They were all pawns on our chessboard.

Heidi and Spencer... soon to be appearing in panto near you and on their own UK television show apparently.


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