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Celebrity Big Brother 2012: Georgia Salpa interview

She may have been quiet in the house, but Georgia Salpa certainly didn't hold back when she talked to MSN TV after being evicted…

Ex-Celebrity Big Brother contestant Georgia Salpa isn't exactly known for being the most entertaining housemate in Celebrity Big Brother history - yes, she looked pretty, but it's likely that the only people who found her exciting to watch were teenage boys. And even they got bored.

Georgia Salpa as she left the Celebrity Big Brother house (© Getty)

Georgia Salpa as she left the Celebrity Big Brother house

But, since leaving the house, Georgia has found a new lease of personality and she didn't hold back when she talked about the other housemates in an interview with MSN TV.

The model labeled Nicola as being "jealous of her" and even called Natalie the "food police" in the house - she said:

"There were quite a few controlling things about her, like she was the food police and stuff like that. You couldn't really eat or have a drink without having to run it by her first."

In the interview, she also opens up about her relationship with Essex-boy Kirk and confesses that she plans to be paying Hugh Hefner a visit soon...

You can read the full interview with Georgia below.

Your housemates said that you were boring in the house - what do you think about this?

I don't think that I was boring. I was chatty with everyone and had a laugh in there. I had a really good time in there, it was great. I think I found it more difficult than anyone else - there's a lot of over-powering people in the house and I think that I just found it a bit more difficult to get settled in. The past few days I've clicked more with the twins and stuff and I felt way more settled in, but in the start I just found it hard.

What was going on between Kirk and you in the house?

I thought he was cute and funny. At the start we were having a bit of a laugh in there, but I think that he just came on a bit full on at the start. I think that if he took it a bit more slower, we would have had a bit of a flirt or whatever, but he was just a bit full-on in the start. He was a bit much.

We saw you have a bit of a smooch with Kirk - was he a good kisser?

Oh no it wasn't a proper kiss! I think it was just a peck - it was over quickly!

How about Romeo, because the ladies are saying that he's a bit of a gentleman.

He's a gentleman, he's an absolutely lovely guy and obviously he's gorgeous.

How do you feel about the way that Nicola acted towards you in the house?

I think that I didn't have a problem with Nicola - I'm a bit of a girls girl, so I would have loved to go into the house and had a great time with all the girls. But, I think that with Nicola it was a jealously thing. She's a bit funny when girls are around and I think that was especially funny with me, so she didn't really give me a chance. I could see now from being out of the house that she was set on trying to turn everyone against me. I think that she made it a bit more difficult for me in there.

Nicola was quite critical of your appearance, why do you think that she was like this?

I think that it was a jealousy thing, when I was in there I couldn't see it as much, I could just hear her talking about me, but now from being outside looking in, I can see that she was just trying to break me down and she was trying to get everyone else to not like me and I just think it was a jealousy thing really.

We chatted to Andrew Stone when he was evicted from the house and he said Natalie was the biggest game player in the house - do you agree with him?

I like Natalie and I liked having her around because she's funny and she makes everyone laugh, so she's a nice person to have around. There were quite a few controlling things about her, like she was the food police and stuff like that. You couldn't really eat or have a drink without having to run it by her first and I heard her say a few things about people when they weren't around. I generally quite like Natalie and I thought that she was a good laugh.

Who do you think is the biggest game-player?

I think of a few people in their have a game plan. I think Kirk has a game plan. He's a lovely guy and he's young - he's only 23, so you can't really but I think the way he was saying that he split up with his girlfriend to come into the Big Brother house and that he had to be single means that he had a gameplan and he had everything thought through a bit too much.

You got on so well with the twins in the house - are you going to try and visit them and Hugh Hefner in the Playboy Mansion?

They're nice girls, I know some of the stuff that they say was silly, but they're really nice girls and they had my back. We all stuck together and we bonded more over the past few days and we got closer. They really just had my back and they stuck with me because it really is so hard in there. It was really great to have them in there. And yeah, I would love to go and visit them and see Hugh Hefner.

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