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Moffat on Dr Who's regeneration

Steven Moffat said the Doctor could be all out of regenerations soon

Steven Moffat said the Doctor could be all out of regenerations soon

Steven Moffat said the Doctor could be all out of regenerations soon

Doctor Who supremo Steven Moffat has admitted the Time Lord's regeneration limit could cause problems in future episodes of the show.

Fans of the show will know The Doctor is allowed to change 12 times - giving him 13 bodies - according to rules featured in a 1970s edition of the BBC One show.

But the plot twist which introduced a previously unknown version of the character, played by John Hurt, means Peter Capaldi will be the 13th face when he takes over in the role.

Viewers who watched the 50th anniversary edition, The Day Of The Doctor, and its record-breaking build-up saw John revealed as the ninth incarnation, slipping between Paul McGann and Christopher Eccleston's versions. He was referred to on-screen as the "War Doctor".

Executive producer Steven said the numbering is for viewers to differentiate between the different faces, but is never referred to on-screen.

But he acknowledged John's newly-introduced character causes problems for the 12 regeneration limit, first mentioned in The Deadly Assassin.

Steven said: "He has no more ever called himself the 11th Doctor than he would call himself Matt Smith. The Doctor doesn't know off the top of his head [what number he is].

"If you worry about such things, and I do, then I specifically said John Hurt's Doctor doesn't use the title. [Matt's Doctor] is in his 12th body but he's the 11th Doctor, however there is no such character as the 11th Doctor - he's just The Doctor, that's what he calls himself.

"The numbering doesn't matter, except for those lists that you and I have been making for many years. So I've given you the option of not counting John Hurt numerically - he's the War Doctor."

He added: "Paul McGann turns into John Hurt so they're not the same incarnation. He used up another regeneration and I expect he'll be in trouble shortly - you can't break rules laid down in The Deadly Assassin."

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