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Danny O'Donoghue: I had 200 marriage proposals in two days

The Voice's Irish coach reveals all in a new interview in this Sunday's Fabulous magazine…

Danny O'Donoghue on the cover of Fabulous magazine (© Fabulous magazine)

He's the hottest new judge on the BBC talent show, The Voice, he's the man who's made Saturday nights worth staying in for... it's the man himself, Danny O'Donoghue.

The Dublin-born judge looks all rough 'n' ready but is quite the charmer, "After the show went out I had 200 marriage proposals in two days. Crazy stuff. And I get a lot of girls tweeting the same message over and over asking me to follow them, which is a bit like someone constantly ringing your doorbell".

"I'm loving it though. I see it as a bit of fun unless it starts getting stalkerish. My mother checks my Twitter, and I wouldn't like her to see what people have said they'd like to do to me."

Danny reveals to Fabulous the criteria required to be his ideal girl, "I look for confidence in a partner. I like girls who are up for a challenge. Someone to go walking and hill climbing with and who doesn't mind trawling through the s*** across fields. Someone who likes to get their hands dirty."

Danny admits that being offered the role as a judge on The Voice was a shock, "I have absolutely no idea how I managed to talk my way into it," he continues, "I'd interviewed for the position and been called back, but I heard that people like Mary J Blige were also in the running. I knew Will Young was the favourite... As far as I was aware there was a lot of hearsay and rumour and I didn't know anything for sure. But I was so thrilled to get the job."

Danny keeps it real and is by no means looking for fame, "I never wanted to be famous for being famous. I wanted to be known for my music. But we've been looking for a project that would help get our personalities across for quite a while and this was the best way forward. Now's the time to go balls to the wall."

Heart-throb, Danny, is pretty confident, admitting to Fabulous, "Obviously I think I've got the winner." Confidence is always the way to a girls heart!

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