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Atherton: Will has himself to blame

James Atherton plays Will Savage in Hollyoaks

James Atherton plays Will Savage in Hollyoaks

James Atherton plays Will Savage in Hollyoaks

Hollyoaks star James Atherton has revealed there will be "hell to pay" if Texas Longford learns the truth about Will Savage's fall.

Will and guilt-ridden Texas have been getting closer after he falsely led her to believe she pushed him down the stairs at a party earlier this month, leaving him wheelchair-bound in hospital.

James said: "Will basically uses the fact that she thinks she pushed him down the stairs to manipulate the situation. He wheedles his way into her life one way or another and out of guilt Texas reciprocates to him and panders to him and he keeps pushing his luck to see how far he can get.

"It all kind of spirals out of control. It's been really nice to play this manipulation of her and I think we're just going to keep pushing it as far as we can. I think Texas will probably find out eventually and there'll be absolute hell to pay."

Will is set for an escape from hospital this week when his pals Ash Kane and Barney Harper McBride plan a party for him - and disguise him as an old lady to get him past the doctors.

But James said the night out goes "ridiculously wrong".

He added: "It was quite fun to shoot that stuff actually, getting out of the hospital dressed as a granny. It was good craic with the guys. Getting rolled through the corridors of Lime Pictures dressed as a granny with this ridiculous wig on and these massive glasses!"

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