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Welcome to MSN TV; the first place for telly addicts and unashamed lovers of TV.

Every day on MSN TV we provide a variety of high-quality, informative features: snappy photo galleries, sharp TV reviews, fun interviews as well as the latest TV news, gossip, quizzes and video clips.

Our users love reality TV and soaps so we devote a good deal of coverage to these television genres.

But for the section of the audience that doesn't care which celebrity is Dancing On Ice or who's fighting in Albert Square, MSN TV also offers in-depth analysis ruminating on subjects such as the future of Channel Five and why the UK is behind the US when it comes to high-concept TV dramas.

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MSN TV editor Lorna Cooper

Lorna Cooper

Lorna Cooper

Lorna started her career in radio, working for London's youth market, dance music station Kiss 100. She then moved over to the BBC. Her online career started at Freeserve (as Orange was back then).

Lorna has too many TV faves to list, but she says she's never getting rid of her 1980s VHS versions of Cheers.

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MSN TV columnist Jack Kibble-White

Jack Kibble-White

Jack Kibble-White

Jack Kibble-White is a magazine editor, writer and researcher. He is the author of The A-Z of Cool Computer Games, and is co-author of The Encyclopaedia of Classic Saturday Night Telly and TV Cream: The Ultimate Guide to '70s and '80s Pop Culture.

He also occasionally works as a programme consultant.

MSN TV columnist Stuart Bak

Stuart Bak

Stuart Bak

Born and raised on the mean, rain-soaked streets of south west Scotland, Stuart Bak has lived in sleepy London for the last few years.

When not at home glued to the goggle box, Stuart can be found keeping Soho's pub landlords in business, and attending gigs by bands no-one else has ever heard of.

MSN reality TV blogger Selena Ledgerton

Selena Ledgerton Cooper (© Image © MSN)

Selena Ledgerton Cooper

After graduating from university with firsts for creative writing, Selena started her own editorial and design business.

She writes for all genres, but specialises in entertainment, lifestyle and celebrity features.

Selena revels in deadlines, hectic press conferences and interviews.

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MSN TV contributor Ceri Thomas

Ceri Thomas

Ceri Thomas

Ceri Thomas is a freelance writer who has turned his hand to a wide variety of topics.

From lengthy interviews with directors for Total Film to snippets for Men's Health about martial arts. However Ceri's happiest when he's paid to sit on a sofa and watch television. Heck, who wouldn't be?

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