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TV's best bromances

Joey and Chandler

Matt Le Blanc and Matthew Perry (© © Channel 4)
  • Matt Le Blanc and Matthew Perry (© © Channel 4)
  • Hugh Laurie and Robert Sean Leonard (© © Image.net/Sky1)
  • Ant and Dec (© © PA)
  • David Soul and Paul Michael Glaser (© © Rex)
  • Martin Shaw and Lewis Collins (© © ITV)
  • Donald Faison and Zach Braff (© © Channel 4)
  • Patrick Dempsey and Eric Dane (© © Image.net/Living)
  • Jim Parsons and Johnny Galecki (© © Channel 4)
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I wrote off Matt LeBlanc's Joey before the first episode even aired. The reason? No Matthew Perry ergo no Chandler. When Joey and Chandler lived together, they were often portrayed like an old married couple (a very funny in-joke). But between all the laughter and slapstick, there were frequent displays of genuine affection. Forget Ross and Rachel. For my money, this is easily the show's funniest and most touching relationship.


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