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Sex Box: Channel 4 and Mariella Frostrup tackle sex on air

Sex Box: Channel 4's controversial show about relationships

Mariella Frostrup and the Sex Box crew (© Channel 4)
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What does one say about a TV programme in which couples have sex in a soundproof box and are then immediately quizzed about their, ahem, 'session' by Mariella Frostrup in front of a studio audience?

I'd say the couples in question are brave to expose themselves - in just about every sense of the word - to Channel 4's viewers in this way. Whatever happened to no sex please, we're British?

Sex Box, airing from Monday 7 October, will not feature intercourse or nudity so too bad if you plan to watch hoping for cheap titillation (if nookie is what you want, stick to True Blood instead). The hour-long programme is part of the broadcaster's Campaign For Real Sex season.

The three couples taking part in Sex Box are an engaged couple who have rekindled their romance after being childhood sweethearts, a duo in their 20s and a gay couple in their 30s.

Sex Box presenter Mariella Frostrup is currently best known as presenter of Radio 4's long-running weekly programme Open Book. But she has had her own weekly agony column (Dear Mariella) in the Observer for the last 10 years. If anyone's qualified to ask: 'Was it good for you?' it's Mariella.

She will be joined by a panel of experts including psychotherapist Phillip Hodson, relationship expert Tracey Cox and sex columnist Dan Savage.

Click on the photos for more about Sex Box and other eye-raising TV programmes including Teen Exorcists. 

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