02/02/2013 13:34 | By Lorna Cooper, editor, MSN TV

Russell Brand on Jonathan Ross: I loved Amy Winehouse

In a candid interview on The Jonathan Ross Show, Russell Brand discussed various subjects, including Amy Winehouse.

Russell Brand (© Russell Brand. Image. Rex)

On The Jonathan Ross Show airing Saturday 2 February, Russell Brand is typically candid when he's quizzed about subjects ranging from drug addiction to Amy Winehouse.

Discussing his new venture with Comic Relief, Russell talked openly about Amy Winehouse's death and his regret at being unable to help her.

"I did really love Amy Winehouse and it was obvious, we all knew she was on drugs, and I thought 'oh she's gonna die'," he revealed.

"At that time I was about seven or eight years clean from crack and heroine and I just thought 'I should do something about this'."

He added: "I'd occasionally chat to her a little bit, but you know what it's like if you know someone that's got a drug and alcohol problem, it's really hard if they're not ready to help them along. When she died it made me feel like 'you've got to do something, it's so unnecessary."

The star also talked about the lack of funding available for addicts: "Those people that you know have drug and alcohol problems, some of them if they stop drinking and taking drugs one day at a time they will improve, but there's not enough funding to help people to do that, because it's unpopular."

Russell Brand will front the Give It Up for Comic Relief concert on 6 March at Wembley Arena in support of those affected by drug and alcohol addiction in the UK.

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