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Larry Hagman's JR Ewing rules revived Dallas

The first season of the revived series of Dallas is out on DVD; the show remains at its best when JR's around.

Larry Hagman in Dallas (© Larry Hagman in Dallas. Image. Channel 5)

Dallas, one of the most popular television dramas of all time, has been re-energised for 2012. The series sees more battles for power, love and money than ever before.

Veteran Larry Hagman revived his role as JR Ewing and - just as in the classic series - the amoral, unethical and unprincipled oil baron was easily the stand-out character.

After a string of infidelities, an illegitimate son, losing his rights to the ranch and an elaborate enemy list which led to the 'who shot JR?' saga, JR doesn't seem to be slowing down.

The 2012 Dallas was enhanced by the presence of Patrick Duffy (as JR's younger sibling Bobby) and Linda Gray (as JR's ex-wife Sue Ellen). However, it's Larry Hagman's JR who has walked away with the first season. It's easy to tell how much the writers enjoyed penning dialogue for him.

Here are a few quotes from the new series that prove JR Ewing (and, by extension, Larry Hagman) has still got it!

DALLAS: The Complete First Season is available on DVD with UltraViolet (© DALLAS: The Complete First Season is available on DVD with UltraViolet)

"A cheated man is a dangerous man. Just ask my son."

"I tossed him in the briar patch so he could learn how to get out of it"

"Son, never pass up a good chance to shut up."

"Blood may be thicker than water, but oil is thicker than both."

"Southfork is mine! Always has been, always will be!"

"I'm a changed man, Cliff. Evidence of that is that you're not being wheeled out of here with two broken legs."

"Bullets don't seem to have much of an effect on me, darling."

"Did you think you could get around on JR Ewing?"

"I'm the one who's going to steal South Fork from Bobby!"

DALLAS: The Complete First Season is available now on DVD with UltraViolet


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