24/04/2012 14:09 | By Emma Roberts, columnist, MSN TV

TV preview: Hidden Talent

Richard Bacon is the face of Channel 4’s new reality show with a difference, Hidden Talent, in which the contestants have no idea that they are talented...

Richard Bacon will present Hidden Talent. (© Channel 4)

Richard Bacon will present Hidden Talent.

When it comes to reality TV shows , pretty much every angle has been covered. We've seen singers belt out ballads on the X Factor and we've seen dog owners parading their proud pooches on Britain's Got Talent. We've even seen Rebecca Loos getting a bit too friendly with a barn yard animal on The Farm. We've seen it all.

So it's refreshing that Channel 4 has come up with a new reality TV talent show that could very well blow all of the X Factors and Britain's Got Talents of the telly world out of the water. After watching a sneak preview of Channel 4's Hidden Talent, we're confident that it's set to be one of the most exciting things to hit our tellies this Spring.

The concept behind the show is that it aims to find extraordinarily talented people who never knew that they had a talent in the first place. Hosted by TV veteran Richard Bacon and stealing a prime-time slot on Channel 4, we reckon that the first episode of Hidden Talent is going to make a big impact when it hits our screens.

The show sees over 900 people from all around the country undergo scientific testing and a number are found to have special physical, mental, sensory or creative talents - of which they were totally unaware. From rock-climbing to human lie detecting, the successful contestants on the show soon embark on adventures to uncover the true extent of their talent, with inspirational results.

From what we've seen of the show, the people on it are humble and modest, as they never knew that they actually had a talent in the first place. This makes a welcome change from all the other ego-infested reality TV shows which are on our screens. In fact - we're happy to report, that from what we've seen of the show, there isn't a sob story in sight - hurray!

Maggie, 45, completes a rock climb in the first episode of Hidden Talent. (© Channel 4)

Maggie, 45, completes a rock climb in the first episode of Hidden Talent.

Richard Bacon follows each contestant as they develop their talent and end up doing things that others can only dream of! Not to give too much away, but in the first episode retired woman is found to be so good at detecting a liar, she ends up going to the US and training with the FBI - sounds pretty exciting to us!

Most of us would like to think that we have some kind of hidden talent, so to find out, you can actually take part in a series of online tests which are similar to the ones that the contestants on the show had to do. You can find the talent tests here.

Hidden Talent starts Tuesday 24 April on Channel 4 (transmission times)

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