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21/12/2012 11:40 | By Lorna Cooper, editor, MSN TV
Downton Abbey and EastEnders: Christmas 2012 TV guide

Christmas Day 2012 telly highlights - EastEnders, BBC1

Jake Wood and Jo Joyner (© BBC)
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Downton Abbey and EastEnders clash on Christmas Day once again in a battle for ratings supremacy.

The EastEnders special runs for an hour from 8.45pm - the same time the two-hour Downton special starts over on ITV1. The second hour of the ITV1 show clashes with BBC1's Royle Family Christmas special.

If you're wondering what's on the box on Christmas Day, we'll save you some time by picking out a few key highlights.

EastEnders: Christmas Day at 8.45pm on BBC1

Max and Tanya are getting married... or are they? Soap weddings never pass off without some kind of drama. And what exactly will Alfie discover about Kat?

Why you should watch: Traditionally, EastEnders saves its biggest jaw-dropping revelations for Christmas.

21/12/2012 20:22
Watching Eastenders would be like having all your teeth extracted without anaesthitic.
21/12/2012 17:31
Coronation Street needs some more humour, and less real life issues. It needs to be funny like it used to be.
21/12/2012 17:25
Eastenders characters are portrayed as either retarded or feral. Ridiculous programme.
21/12/2012 19:09
Only one thing worth watching, and it won't be Eastenders or Corry!! Geez if that's all there is to look forward to another rubbish offering!
22/12/2012 09:54
it wont be eastenders its the worst thing on british television
22/12/2012 00:06
Is this the best there is for Christmas?  My God, I wish the world had ended today.
21/12/2012 16:49
i will be watching downton.eastenders is too depressing.
22/12/2012 07:50
Christmas Tv  is crap......

      utter muck   that is on most year round  just glad i do not pay a tv license for the crap
      and i do not own a tv ..?

22/12/2012 17:50
wonder if the queen will mention the hardships the disabled have faced since the coalition got in power and cut needed benefits and services which leaves them destitute and lonely this christmas.... not every disabled person is a paralympian...stop the divide and conquer.
23/12/2012 17:49
Have to be honest I know its only a soap but what sort of b1tch is Kat to do it again, I feel for poor Alfie.
22/12/2012 20:36

Looking forward to Downtown and Call the Midwife.  Will catch up on Eastenders later.  Can't miss Derek being killed off - hurrah!   Pity they didn't give Ben more than 4 years, hope he won't get off early and come back into it and pity they didn't leave Max buried. Kat's affair is spoiling it for me, poor old Alfie keeps forgiving her, her affairs and now that there is nothing to forgive he chucks her out, hope they retrieve Derek's phone and Alfie listens to it.  All I want now is for David Wickes to come back and play happy families with Carol.  Carol's family can all make guest appearances for the wedding.  Looking forward to Dot returning, will she bring her sister with her?  Okay, Okay I know it's not real but I have got terribly into the habit of watching and it's a lot better than watching 22 men kicking a ball around a field!!!  


24/12/2012 15:07
poor alfery i hope he doest go back kat cause she will do it again
26/12/2012 15:42

Oh dear Craig Cash, Caroline Aherne. In the past this has always been a "Xmas Must See"  sadly with a break last Christmas time the writing team had ample time in my humble opinion to write a  "Comedy Masterpiece" Sorry Guy's but it just did not shake my tree this year. Bring back John Henshaw as Roger & Sharon Duce as Valerie.  Sad to relate the writers are not going to replace strong characters such as Twiggy and Nan because all we get is just Xmas Specials their is no continuity and as such we don't see any new characters develop, it all felt a bit errm!! empty this year.

We have three brilliant comedy writers my opinion is lets have an " Early Doors 2013 Christmas Special " set in the Grapes Pub between  between McVities and the traffic lights on Birdhall Lane?, Ken, Joe, Duffy, Jean Melanie Tommy Eddie and Joan  . . . . .  what say you?  

26/12/2012 07:05

I watched Eastenders the other week after a absence from soaps after several years. I only managed 10 minutes of viewing before wanting to vomit, same wooden acting and I guess the stories are on a merry go round with different faces. I don't know how people can stomach this re hashed tripe.


24/12/2012 11:48
haveing your teeth pulled would be beteer
25/12/2012 23:25

hello. its not real.

turn off the  TV and spend time with real people like your family, if you have one, we had a great time.



22/12/2012 11:06
that downton abbey looks a load of s**t................
23/12/2012 21:47
i won;t be watching or recording either .... can't bear to watch Eastenders haven't since Angie didn't top herself, far too depressing.... and haven't got into Dowton Abbey.......... think it's a bit late too start  
24/12/2012 16:55
best look upon soaps as PANTO'S, then we can just sit back and laugh.........
22/12/2012 22:13
this  must  be   moron  corner..

i  thought  it  said  TV  guide..

hegelians.......   understand  this  word  and  see  whats  happening  to  you  all...
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