Christmas 2013
03/12/2013 18:00 | By Lorna Cooper, editor, MSN TV
Christmas TV 2013: Downton Abbey up against EastEnders

Christmas Day TV clashes: Top of the Pops v James Nesbitt

Top of the pops v James Nesbitt (© BBC and ITV)
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At 2pm, the Christmas Day edition of Top of the Pops goes up against ITV's River Deep Mountain High: James Nesbitt in New Zealand. Over on Auntie, Fearne Cotton and Reggie Yates introduce all the big hits from 2013 in addition to revealing the Christmas number one. There's bound to be appearances/video from the likes of One Direction, the X Factor winner, Rihanna and Miley Cyrus. Even if you have no idea who any of the acts are, watching Top of the Pops on Christmas Day is a British telly tradition.

Alternatively, you can watch James Nesbitt exploring New Zealand, his adopted home for the last couple of years.

04/12/2013 21:43
Downtown abbey all the way. Magpie smith is far too funny to miss. It will make my year watching downtown. We need more series like it. Xx
NO CONTEST DOWNTON ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!   enders is crap
04/12/2013 20:38

Danny "diarrhea" what a joke he looks about as convincing as zippy off rainbow the shows a joke how desperate is the bbc getting. I hope they scrap the licence fee to pay all the victims of abuse thats going on within that so called organisation

05/12/2013 01:00
Downton ! Eastenders was dead 1o years ago, at least!
05/12/2013 09:26
Where's the clash if you don't watch trash? Downton wins hands down, as already stated, Eastenders lost the plot (if it ever had one), years ago!
04/12/2013 20:32
Just wondering how many will people slaaaag off Creasedfenders on here tbh
05/12/2013 09:29
No contest for me. Downton Abbey is, by far, better viewing than Eastenders. Eastenders died years ago. The BBC must be quaking in their boots, to even think that they will have a ratings hit with it. I do hope they reconsider, before they end up with egg on their faces.
05/12/2013 11:51
I'm watching Eastenders! Sky + Downton and watch it as many times as I like,  
05/12/2013 12:39
Downton Abbey of course . Christmas is supposed to be a happy time. When did we last have a happy Eastenders Christmas? 
05/12/2013 11:52
If you have Sky + and catchup you needn't worry which programme to watch.
06/12/2013 06:47
If you want to celebrate the birthday of a  so called "Saviour"who was born in July then carry on.
Why not be happy ALL year round rather than saving it til a Pagan  (which the so called christians  stole!) celebration?
05/12/2013 11:53
Anything with New Zealand will be watched avidly. I love N.Z. 

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