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05/01/2012 14:00 | By Emma Roberts, Entertainment reporter, MSN Entertainment

Anthony Head: 'I would jump at the chance to do a Buffy reunion'

It’s the news that every Buffy The Vampire Slayer fan has been dying to hear – Anthony Head, who played Giles in the cult TV show, tells MSN that he would be happy reunite with the cast.

When we caught up with Anthony Head at the premiere of his new movie The Iron Lady, we couldn't resist the chance to ask him about one of the biggest cult television shows of all time; Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

We, like millions of Buffy fans across the globe, wanted to know if the actor, who famously portrayed Buffy's 'watcher' Giles on the show, would ever consider doing a reunion with the cast in the form of a one-off television episode or a movie.

His answer got us very excited indeed.

Anthony Head revealed that he would love to do a Buffy reunion (© PA)

Anthony Head revealed that he would love to do a Buffy reunion

Anthony said: "If Joss Whedon [the creator of Buffy The Vampire Slayer] was involved, I would jump at the chance. I would do anything. I would even just do one line, just because I think that the man is a genius and I love him."

It's clear that Anthony still holds a torch for the massively popular show and the fact that he seems so eager to do a reunion is a very positive sign for Buffy fans.

The actor also revealed that he still sees the Buffy crew on a regular basis and that they're all "constantly in contact."

He mentioned that he had "missed Sarah [Michelle Gellar] this time" as they were both working on television shows, but he had recently spent time with the rest of the cast.

How cool is that? We can just imagine all the Buffy cast chilling together and reminiscing about the good old days.

So, seeing as the cast are still buddies, surely a reunion must be on the cards? Well, it looks like it's all in the hands of the up to the show's creator, Joss Whedon...

Random interview observation
Anthony was incredibly friendly and somewhat of a stud muffin on the red carpet - we spied several ladies stopping to have their pictures taken with him!

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06/01/2012 03:05
"Well, it looks like it's all in the hands of the up to the show's creator, Joss Whedon..." Not so, dear journalist. Not so at all. Pretty sure The Kuzuis hold the movie rights and 20th Century Fox holds the rights to the characters who were introduced in the TV series. Or something like that. As such, it would take quite a bit more than Joss going "Alright, let's do this". The Kuzuis would have to OK it, 20th Century Fox would have to OK it, and Joss would have to write a script which Sarah Michelle Gellar would demand to read before signing on. It's all very complicated and unlikely to come together. Joss Whedon and Tony Head were trying to do something Giles-based for the BBC or something a few years back, and it didn't happen, because they couldn't make a deal with 20th Century Fox or something like that. Before that, after Angel got canceled, Joss pitched a couple of straight-to-TV-or-DVD movie type things, one about Spike and I think there was one about Faith. It didn't happen. Not because of Joss, but because they couldn't make a deal. 
So no, not up to the creator. It's also up to the suits. Sadly, but that's how it is. Perhaps now's a good time to talk to the suits again, what with vampires being all the rage, but it probably won't happen. 
07/01/2012 12:02
Buffy was one of my fav shows alongside the The X Files, but with so many tv shows out there already about zombies and vampires, it's going to be a tough job making any new Buffy series that feels fresh and original.
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