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X Factor Grand Final: Victory for Little Mix!

Marcus Collins raised the roof but Little Mix have made history as the first girl band to win the X Factor...

By Selena Ledgerton 11/12/2011 20:05

Thanks to all who took part in tonight's live blog.

If you would like to relive the whole show, go check it out!


It was the closest X Factor Final in history and too tight to call but on the night, Little Mix snatched the crown from Marcus Collins and took the title of X Factor Winners 2011.

(C) Rex
The show kicked off with both acts singing their song of the series. Marcus raised the roof with his rendition of Jackie Wilson's Higher and Higher while Little Mix nailed En Vogue's Don't Let Go. The judges gushed and compliments flew, "sensational", "amazing" - it was level pegging.

(C) Rex
Next the hopefuls performed their favourite Christmas track and both were below par. Marcus enjoyed his performance of Wham's Last Christmas so much that he dropped a few notes but he sold it regardless, entertained the crowd and really got them involved. Little Mix opted for an emotional rendition of Silent Night but there were a few pitching problems. The audience were lost in the moment so didn't seem to mind but their acapella section could have been so much more.


(C) Rex
Finally it all came down to the winners single. Both acts performed Damien Rice's Cannonball and although Marcus sang his heart out, the depth of the song was perfect for the girl's combined vocals - no competition. Dermot O'Leary revealed the winner and the ladies from Little Mix screamed and leapt on mentor Tulisa Contostavlos!

The girls were soon in tears, "thank you so much to everyone who voted, we can't believe this!" And when Dermot showed off their new single they near fainted, "oh my God!"

(C) Rex
Marcus was humble in defeat, "I'm really proud of myself but these girls really deserve it they're amazing. I thought all of my performances went well, I really enjoyed them!" Mentor Gary Barlow was first to make Marcus smile, "we're going to keep in touch. I want to make sure this lad gets the right label, the right songs, the right songwriters and everything he needs."


Personally I was hoping for Collins to win, he's been the total package from the start but as they're both more than worthy, I wasn't disappointed when the girls took the crown. They're fresh, have the vocal ability and are current, we'll just have to see if they have the longevity?


Tulisa was overjoyed: "These girls are talented and they're beautiful and the UK loves them, I am over the moon!" As well as gushing about her act, the Little Mix mentor also revealed that she plans to record her duet from Saturday's show with the girls and add it to her album.

Congratulations to Little Mix!

Did the right act win?

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Thanks to all that have taken part in the X Factor Blogs, I'll be back in January with
Celebrity Big Brother and Dancing On Ice!

Selena x


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Selena Ledgerton
MSN Reality TV

11/12/2011 22:46
Marcus is my fave and the runners up always do better so good luck Marcus.I always have a giggle on here at the way some people rant n rave but still bother to comment.....hilarious,confused.com.
11/12/2011 23:14
Such a shame there could only be one winner. Both acts were extremely good. Best of luck to you all and thanks for the entertainment.Open-mouthed 
11/12/2011 23:27

Pick and Mix (as I prefer to call them) certainly not my choice.

Only one (Perrie) can sing.

I am a professional song tutor and the other girls do not have the ability to sing in tune without the help of electronics.

Marcus is highly talented, with star quality and yet modest..

Never a bum note from him.

He will will certainly forge a career with Gary's help.

Pick and Mix will fade away (I hope!!) 

11/12/2011 20:51
just watched the opening of the xfactor,marcus and litle mix opening it,then close ups of little mix,close ups of the rest of the past contestants,none of marcus?   
11/12/2011 23:24
marcus was robbed he so deserved to win he can sing better than them any day   and l am sure  like JLS  we will see more of marcus than little mix  good luck marcus you should have won and l would buy your cds any day gary barlow should give him a recording contract  or louie walsh 
11/12/2011 23:11

Never mind Marcus, even though you were a better all round performer and singer (given the right song's) i'm sure you will do well in your new career. Good Luck you deserve it.


Now, what will we have to comment on, now the X Factor has finished as it seemed it was only this that kept MSN alive, even non watcher's came on to put their ten penneth's worth in.

11/12/2011 22:47
i must admit silent night was amazing!!!!
12/12/2011 00:46

No surprise really as the acts that have finished as runners-up in previous years have gone on to better things (Ollie Murs) although I have to give Little Mix great credit in that they have come from not being taken as individuals, to being a very good Girl band put together by the judges as a last resort

Thought Marcus was awesome and if he does not go on to be a great entertainer, then there is something seriously wrong somewhere. Best X Factor ever.

12/12/2011 01:33
just got in and heard the result lol. what a ****kking fix this was. they have got to be the worst group ever to come out of x factor and they end up winning it lol.they sing out of tune,off pitch,forget words and are basically hyped up crapppp. they should be called little sh  ittts not mix they are that bad. the set up started as soon as tullisa and louis went down the bullying theme with the best singer in the show misha.both knew they couldnt beat her fair and square they resorted to those tactics and fair play to them it worked. following 2 weeks misha was in the bottom 2. no way could the best singer/performer win now.louis is an **** who loves any type of group where as tullisa must be stone deaf what with singing the ****e she sings in ndubh. at least gary knew how bad little sh  iitts were and regularly said so.wouldnt suprise me if old square head cowell had given louis and tullisa the bullying ammo cos he was desperate for a crappy girl group to win it this year. personally i will never watch this crap again after this result,it stinks of a fiddle.thank fukk its finished and i hope it never comes back. i feel sorry for marcus,misha and amelia who were the real talent in the show but couldnt beat the fiddle.
12/12/2011 01:59
its so obvious that the whole thing is a fiddle remember cheryl cole and her relative joe ? well here we are again britain is short on girl bands they generate money from all the little screamers doesn,t matter that they cant sing this is not talent, everyone remembers susan boyle and how she made all them self satisfied lack of talent bums gobs drop as soon as she opened her mouth she also was never going to win it but they all knew she was going on to stardom another win win situation for cowel and co
11/12/2011 22:48
What a disappointment, Marcus was by far the best and should have won. However, with so much being made of the fact that there has never been a girl band in XFactor reaching this stage in the history of the show it is not surprising they won. What happened to Mrcus's publicity? If the XFactor wants to retain any credibility then come on fair play for all.
11/12/2011 22:26
What a complete load of crap!!!!!!!!  A big fix or what?
12/12/2011 00:53
if this don't prove it's all a fix then i'm a blind man an i've got 20/20 vision complete con!
11/12/2011 23:02
little mix mint , and mr turton? in a years time they will be a little richer quite a lot more than you judging by your decor??????? go girls
11/12/2011 22:35
Well done Little Mix, you deserved to win and your Silent Night was terrific.  Sorry for Marcus but on the night the best act won and he will definately go on to better things. Hope for a complete change of judges next year (if there is a next year) as this bunch were terrible!!
11/12/2011 22:53
i keep reading how crap the x-factor is and how it is a fix, so why do millions spend money phoning up to vote, and talk about it on here, little mix are a group of nobodies put togethes lets see where they are in a years time before superstar mumblings start. Finaly if x-factor is so crap and fixed if it is again .next year dont watch it .simple
11/12/2011 22:53
er, does anybody ever listen to what Dermot is saying cos i don't!
congrats to Little Minx, (better name), keep up with those really good harmonies and PLEASE don't turn into up yourselves celebs.
11/12/2011 23:32
Fairly predictable they,d win,  hype built up over last few days, safe popular winner, thought misha b, and amelia more talented singers and performers, but the girls are ok with some potential, more than one d have, so should be ok.   You talking about yourself steve, being on here commenting. 
12/12/2011 14:09

Critics can knock it for all they want, but The X-Factory would appear to have churned out yet another money spinning winner.

Whilst there is no doubt that Marcus is a good all round entertainer: his style seems too contrived; limited, and dated for him to take the nation >>> world by storm.

Little Mix alternatively appear to have far greater marketability: in that their image/musical style is current; trendy, and of a refreshing variety > which encompasses the most popular genres.....Moreover, unlike Marcus who would simply be competing with other Male solo performers > entertainers - who do the same sort of thing but do it rather better - Little Mix have been unleashed into a market which (in this country at least) is somewhat devoid of a top quality girl band: now that All Saints; The Spice Girls, and to some extent The Sugar Babes, and Girls Aloud are gone from the scene (in limbo).

I think young people (women especially) will tend to more identify with Little Mix than Marcus, and be more interested in what they are doing, and what they have to say.

I'm sure Marcus will have some sort of career, but I don't really see him going tripple platinum, or selling out stadiums......He may struggle to do much better than Leon Jackson, and consequently could find himself disappearing from the popular music scene quickly......save for appearances here & there in West End Shows; clubs; on cruise ships, etc....???

I can see Little mix contrastingly being huge in this country, and even internationally.....Bettering One Direction, and rivaling JLS.

As I said previously....I also think that huge things could happen to Janet Devlin.....if she decides to seriously pursue the potentiality of a career in the music industry, and not singing > playing as something to either do all alone in her bedroom at home, or in her quiet local pub at weekends?

She would need to find the right agent & manager, and be prepared to work a lot harder  than she ever did on The X-Factor!  

12/12/2011 03:06

little mix what a FIX!!!!!! Marcus should have won he is a good all round entertainer with a lovely voice, all i can see with little mix is another girls aloud and they were a load of crap too, oh god please save my ears from thier whinning pleeeese!!!!


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