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Was it Frankie Cocozza or Nu-Vibe?

By Selena Ledgerton 16/10/2011 22:14

Thanks to all who took part in the live blog.

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Nu Vibe are the first act to leave the X Factor. They failed to pull the public vote after a weak rendition of U2's With Or Without You on Saturday night and landed in the bottom two with Frankie Cocozza.


(C) Rex

Branded 'No-Vibe' by Gary Barlow the boys knew tonight would be hard. They hoped that the public would save them and if not, their survival song would - sadly not. 

Jordan Higo, Stefan Romer, Bradley Johnson, Richard Milford and Ashford Campbell tried desperately to make their swan song fly but their rendition of Promise This by Cheryl Cole was off key. Louis Walsh had the casting vote and saved Frankie as he had 'the most potential'. It just wasn't to be.


Mentor Tulisa Contostavlos was in tears, "I believed in them and I took a chance. I still believe in them and I wish that they could still be in the competition."

The boys have vowed to stay together and keep going.
Will we ever see them again?


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Selena x


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Only a shame they both didn't leave. Frankie has nothing to,offer. He cant sing, and jigs along the stage to cover his inability. The guy they sent home was 1000 percent better.
16/10/2011 23:51
nu vibe were miles better than frankie,he cant sing and his hair is like a bird's nest,need i say more! On x-factor they usually get rid of the groups fairly quickly,so why bother with that particular catergory?
22/10/2011 16:55
These judges are complete idiots! Frankie is a really, really, really, really, really, really, really bad singer but they let him through!
30/10/2011 00:54
oh Frankie bye mate that was awful and could be sung by almost anyone underwater..
30/10/2011 22:14
I think Loui should have been sent home, Not sophie...
30/10/2011 22:07
Cher Lloyd you're awful. And surprise surprise the judges all give a standing ovation. If she gave that performance in the show as a contestant they'd be saying "tuning problems, a bit cabaret". But because she's a signed artist they have to contractually give a standing ovation to show they're worth it. A signed act could just go out and fart and they'd get a standing ovation. Pop politics. Blow me. Rant over.
30/10/2011 22:02
sophie out  frankie nd jr still in ...............................TRAVESTY !!!!!!!!!!!!!
23/10/2011 12:12
zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, getting boring!!! the only worthwhile star is Janet...........the judges should control their acts backstage and leave it all backstage....drama queens!!!!!!!! we have enough of them on our TV. if Frankie stays in this week I will NOT be watching next week. what utter rubbish when better singers were binned before the live shows! At least Simon had his finger on the pulse on the public views! AND the songs are sooooooo unmemorable . get real Judges!! we are not all 14 to 18 year olds watching this programme
30/10/2011 22:34
Jonny your fantastic a natural go for it babs.
23/10/2011 13:00

‘Rock’ is a genre of popular music originating in the 1950s; "rock is a generic term for the range of styles that evolved out of rock'n'roll." Elvis Presley, Bill Haley, Led Zeppelin, Chuck Berry, Nickelback, Chevelle  is ‘Rock’, not the excuse for ‘Rock’ that the most of the dimmos selected last night.

Karaoke is typically a well-known pop song. What the hell is wrong with that Barlow? At least we can recognise ‘Karaoke’ which more than can be said for the current drivel you are churning out. You arrogant arse. You couldn’t fill Cowell’s shoes in a million years.

Oh yea, lets resort to picking on someone for other than their obvious talent! You know who I am talking about little girl judge!


30/10/2011 23:27
i think janet was giving wrong song this week and did not like the song choice for sophie was right frankie should have went
30/10/2011 23:03

janet is the best by far . not her best performance tonight but her voice is fantastic 

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