Fans dismayed as EastEnders omnibus moves from Sundays

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By Miss Bubbles 11/04/2012 10:53

It's been a tradition for many years, but the EastEnders weekly omnibus will be moved from Sundays to a new late night slot on Friday nights.


In a statement on the EastEnders website, the BBC said: "The EastEnders omnibus has moved to a new late-night slot on Friday night/Saturday morning. It will no longer be on BBC One on Sunday. The next omnibus will be on Saturday [April] 14 at 0.05am-2am."

Fans have become accustomed to catching up on the week's events in Albert Square on a Sunday afternoon. Many are extremely unhappy about the decision.


One person posted on a forum: "Midnight on a Friday? They've gone mad." Another said: "Sundays will never be the same," while another fan wrote: "Not a very clever move at all, shame on the BBC."


Speaking on social networking site Twitter, the EastEnders press office tweeted MSN editor Lorna Cooper to say: "viewers now catch up on #EastEnders via PRV, BBC3 & iplayer so new slot is closer to original tx... The time slot will be more consistent as won’t need to be moved for sporting commitments."


The omnibus was first shown way back in 1985. How do you feel about its new time slot? Share your view by leaving a comment.


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Crap show glad its being moved, it always did make sundays really depressing and miserable, maybe now some decent feel good television can be allowed to flourish
11/04/2012 13:48

get that plonker derek branning off 


11/04/2012 14:06
Eastenders is in no way a 'tradition' its a pile of poo and if it must be shown at all how about 4am on a sunday then there is absolutely no danger of me seeing any of it, even by accident!

in fact why not move it entirely to ... lets say .... Australian TV

11/04/2012 13:02
I thinks its great news that the Omnibus of Eastenders is moving, I just hope that the BBC put programmes on that are  worth watching instead of bombarding us with sport all the time.
11/04/2012 12:22
Another hairbrained idea from the BBC about moving Eastenders omnibus to late friday night!  Why don't they ask the Licence payer about moving programmes?
11/04/2012 13:41

Why do they need an omnibus one anyway?

11/04/2012 14:46
When are you going to kill Derek Branning character?????switch off to other channel whenever I saw him on tele!!!!
11/04/2012 13:14
Thank Goodness... Let us hope that the BBC have the good grace to not dump any more sport on us instead...!!!
11/04/2012 13:01
So it's been moved.So what? Sunday's will never be the same again? How bloody sad are these people? It get's repeated on BBC3 at 10 pm. Most people have a recorder so why not just record it? More important (and real) is the Earth Quake in Malaysia.This soap drivel is hardly news and certainly not important in the real world.Just show's how much some people rely on routine television.
11/04/2012 14:38
Great news get rid of this deppresing junk . Crying shouting screaming bull s****CryingCrying
11/04/2012 13:38
Hooooooooooray, it's about time Eastenders was taken off the TV altogether. It has gone so far downhill, it'll soon be at the bottom, half of the characters serve no purpose anymore, the storylines are boring, repetitive and really drag on for too long. As for the hardmen in the program...have they all gone soft? ( I think Dot could take them on!!) Shame really because it used to be a decent soap( About 10 years ago!!) 
11/04/2012 14:38
Don't even watch it in the week let alone on Sunday afternoon it's nothing but rubbish and should be cut from our screens
11/04/2012 14:00

that is brilliant news for all the screaming and yelling soap,thank yoy thank you.

well I do not watch it anyway,it's pure rubbish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AngryAngryDevilDevil

give us something to cheer about,hora hora hora

11/04/2012 13:00
they are still going to put sh*te in its place.    are they not?
11/04/2012 13:45
its such a shame there putting it on late at night, not everyone has a computer to watch it on! my mum likes to watch it on sundays as she's busy during the week so how is she going to watch it?? she's too tired to stay up late at night and she doesn't have sky plus to record it either.. i think its wrong to presume that we all can afford to have all these new things xx
11/04/2012 14:40
Not being funny here, but what are people using to comment on this? A computer. What can you use on a computer, bbc I player. You's clearly have time on your hands if you can come on here and complain about it!
11/04/2012 14:59

Biggest load of crap on T.V.


Marion Edwards says that only those with Sky can record it, what decade is she living in?




11/04/2012 12:17
the bbc have got it totallt wrong moving eastenders omnibus 2 a la\te night slot why dont they make it a permanent slot 4 this once great soap thats dying on its feet instead of primetime reminds me of brookside in its dying days that ended up in the soap heaven in the sky
11/04/2012 13:06
Further to add,look at the total crap tv over the recent Easter weekend? About as entertaining as watching paint dry. Not just the BBC but the other channels as well.I mean just how much longer is UK Gold going to carry on showing 'Only Fool's and Horse's,Last of the Summer Wine and One Foot in the Grave'? Turn that channel on and it's like 'Ground Hog Day' No imagination anymore.
11/04/2012 22:51

Ok ... apart from the idiots who say they don't like or watch soaps, yet they click on an item about them, and then leave a comment ... most people want the omnibus to stay on Sunday.


I don't have a facebook or  twitter account, but if someone who does starts a campaign now, by Saturday you would have millions of supporters and the BBC would have to pay attention.




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