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By Ents Ed 14/02/2013 14:16

If you're counting down the days until season three of Game of Thrones gets underway, the trailer will go a long way to whetting your appetite.

Fans will have the casting of Dame Diana Rigg to look forward to as the former star of The Avengers will play Olenna Tyrell, also known as the Queen of Thorns.


Other additions in the third season include Mackenzie Crook as wildling raider Orell, Clive Russell as Bryndon "Blackfish" Tully, Nathalie Emannuel as slave translator Missandei, Paul Kaye as Thoros of Myr, Kerry Ingram as Shireen Baratheon and Tara Fitzgerald as her mother, Selyse.


Filming will take place in Ireland, Croatia, Iceland and Morocco. Game of Thrones will debut on Sky Atlantic from Monday 1 April at 9pm, less than 24 hours after its US premiere on HBO.


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