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Former America's Next Top Model contestant battles meth addiction

Jael Strauss, who starred in series eight of America's Next Top Model, is set to talk to US TV host Dr Phil about her drug problems.

By Emma Ents 12/09/2012 16:15

By guest blogger, Emma Roberts


America's Next Top Model is one of my favourite guilty television pleasures, mainly because it's packed full of decadent glamour (not to mention scandalous drama!)

So, I couldn't hide how shocked I was when I saw the above trailer for the US self-help show Dr Phil.

The trailer shows former America's Next Top Model finalist, Jael Strauss, talking about her addiction to methamphetamine and she looks barely recognisable.
Jael is barely recognisable on Dr Phil.

The 28-year-old was popular in series eight of Tyra Banks' hit modeling show and came 6th overall. 

Now, six years later at the age of 28, the former model is addicted to meth and her family says her drug habit has taken a toll both mentally and physically, including rotting her teeth and leaving her body covered in sores. Her addiction has got so bad that now her family even fear for her life.

Before her addiction, Jael was a stunning model.

The upcoming episode of Dr Phil sees Jael living on the streets. Dr. Phil sends mother-son intervention team Brandon and Debbie to Jael’s hometown to find her and stage an intervention, but their trip does not go as planned.

Desperate to get Jael the help she needs, Brandon finally locates her, and what follows is the most out-of-control drug rage in Dr. Phil history. Reluctantly, Jael agrees to travel to Los Angeles to see Dr. Phil, but just seconds before appearing onstage, she takes off running...

It all sounds very dramatic! Let's just hope that Jael gets the help that she needs.

Social Voices: Jael's sad story shows the dark side of fame

12/09/2012 16:59
I hope she pulls thought such a nice girl.
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