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Watch: new X Factor trailer slated by Shayne Ward

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By Lorna Coops 30/07/2012 10:20

The exciting new X Factor 2012 trailer has premiered. It features Leona Lewis, One Direction, JLS, Olly Murs, Alexandra Burke and Little Mix - stars the show has made.


However, X Factor fanatics will notice surprise omissions; Olly Murs didn't even win X Factor, but Shayne Ward, Joe McElderry and Matt Cardle did. And they're not in it.


Commenting on Twitter, series two winner Shayne said: "Just seen the new X Factor promo video. Yet again it's like I'm being erased slowly from their history. Pathetic really. Would love to know why?"

Joe McElderry - who won in 2009 - posted a message many fans believe to be prompted by the trailer: "I'm just gonna keep doing my thing :D #thatisall #loveforthemassive."


Maybe they weren't available on the day of the shoot. Maybe they'll turn up in later promotional trailers. Maybe...

In the trailer, One Direction, JLS, Leona, Olly Murs, Alexandra Burke and Little Mix watch footage of themselves as kids and at their first X Factor auditions; they enthuse about the show and what it has done for them.


The message is simple: "Whose time is now?"

The ninth series kicks off in August; who will impress judges Nicole Scherzinger, Gary Barlow, Tulisa and the (uncle) Louis Walsh? And what's the betting Louis has got the groups again?


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30/07/2012 13:36
Maybe they were not asked. Maybe it is because they are not with a record label owned by Sony music. Why wasn't Shane Ward asked? He won the show before leona did and he is having a lot of success in rock of ages musical in London. And thinking that Joe keeps saying that he is grateful for his experience on the xfactor and that he doesn't try to get rid of it but progress from it.l. Maybe the xfactor should think of stopping to try and get rid of him and progress as he does... They are going downhill in the public's opinion. Forgetting who the winners are and making the losers say that they remember the winning moment as if it was their winning moment... In the words of Shane Ward, who commented on twitter: PATHETIC!!!
30/07/2012 19:21
I went to see Shayne in his west end show, he was fab, why don't we see ad hear more from the best winners of the  factor seems they have been forgotten
30/07/2012 20:19
Get rid of Tulisa and Barlow. Bring back Simon and bring in a nice girl like Rita Ora. Then, I might watch it. But only then.
30/07/2012 18:46
9 adverts on the 1st page. Come on MSN get rid of them. You've stopped me posting things in the past because they looked like these things and weren't. Get your finger out and ditch the real ones.
30/07/2012 17:08
It's amazing how Leona went from working in pizza hut to being a famous singer, was devastated for her when she got attacked by someone when giving out autographs.
30/07/2012 20:34

if life is so lonely have you considered suicide?


30/07/2012 20:35
Just more publicity for this outdated rubbish.....
30/07/2012 19:51
The reason they aint in it is because  they are crap where are they nowadays???
30/07/2012 17:09
JLS and 1D are amazing. Little mix make me want to puke.
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