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Britain's Got Talent 2013: Shadow Theatre Company Attraction leave Amanda Holden in tears

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By SelenaLedgerton 14/04/2013 11:10
What a night it was on Britain's Got Talent! Tears, talent and tantrums aplenty but who stood out? It had to be Shadow Theatre Company 'Attraction'. They left judge Amanda Holden in tears!

The Hungarian shadow theatre company put on a smart and strangely moving show. The judges were captivated throughout, and as the love story unfolded ending in death... Amanda broke down.

(C) ITVImaginative, amazing and emotional. Life as art and truly something not to be missed. Attraction have to be contenders for the final.

Amanda could barely speak for the tears, while Simon Cowell gushed. "That's got to be one of the best auditions we've seen. If not the best."

Holden smiled, "something like that could win!"

(C) ITVJack Carroll has to make the final! At just 14, this young comedian stole the show with his quirky stand-up act - he had everyone in stitches.

Jack suffers from cerebral palsy and his act was a send-up of his own condition. He had the judges laughing before he'd even started.

“I know what you’re thinking,” he said, glancing down at his walking frame. “Harry Potter’s had a nasty Quidditch accident.”

(C) ITVAnd finally, Alice Fredenham surprised everyone with a sultry, sexy and sensuous version of My Funny Valentine. Simon Cowell was seeing dollar signs, “Your voice is like liquid gold."

The judges were more impressed by Alice's humility, "you are so humble, you have no idea how good you are."

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