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By Ents Ed 14/09/2013 04:56

Geordie Shore star Charlotte Crosby has won Celebrity Big Brother. She beat 5ive singer Abz Love into second place. Although a big favourite, Abz wasn't quite able to pick up enough votes on the final hours.


When she was announced as the winner, a shocked Charlotte said: "Oh my God, what the hell?" She absolutely couldn't believe it. As she left the house and made her way down the steps towards host Emma Willis, she repeatedly said: "I'm so scared."


All the latest news and gossip from the Celebrity Big Brother house...

By SelenaLedgerton 11/09/2013 22:43

Hollywood wife Courtney Stodden and choreographer Louie Spence are the sixth and seventh celebrities to be evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house.

(C) Channel 5

Courtney left the house to a mixed reception but wasn't phased. “I feel I’ve grown into a woman now, when I went into the house I was only 18.  I feel more like a woman and I’m glad this was my first time out of my country”.

Presenter Emma Willis asked the model about her relationship with Lauren: “I like people who are out there and not afraid to be who they are, and look at her”. 

And what of her holding hands with Mario Falcone? "He's a handsome man but there was nothing in it." Hmmm...

Louie Spence was overwhelmed by the cheers from the live audience. 

“I'm so happy. I may have been seen as unappreciative of my Big Brother journey but I did enjoy it… I struggled. I’m happy I’m out”.

“It has been an amazing experience…Now I’m out I would have liked to have stayed…It’s a mental task of endurance. I said I didn't care in there about anyone but you can't help but care, everyone is struggling. I've championed Lauren all along to win but she's changed. I'd like to see Charlotte win."

Who would you like to win Celebrity Big Brother 2013?

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Selena x

 Selena Ledgerton - MSN TV


Selena Ledgerton
MSN Reality TV

All the latest news and gossip from the Celebrity Big Brother house...

By SelenaLedgerton 11/09/2013 17:54
Big Brother's latest task will test the housemates talent, it's a battle of the bands! Who will get lucky and land Abz?

Abz 5ive (C) Celebrity Big Brother 2013 Channel 5
Big Brother has split the celebrity housemates in to two teams to form two bands. Each band must write a song about their experience in the Big Brother house and perform it at Big Brother's Battle Of The Bands contest.
Band one are the lucky ones obviously!

Band 1: Abz, Mario, Vicky & Lauren
Band 2: Louie, Charlotte, Carol & Courtney
Each band must write their own original song about their journey in the house, choreograph a dance routine, choose a band name and restyle themselves using the clothing provided.

The band that impresses Big Brother the most will win a slap-up meal... just in time for the latest eviction!

Who do you think will come out on top and who will be leaving the house?

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Selena x

 Selena Ledgerton - MSN TV


Selena Ledgerton
MSN Reality TV


All the latest news and gossip from the Celebrity Big Brother house...

By SelenaLedgerton 06/09/2013 23:02

Saved By The Bell star Dustin Diamond is the fourth housemate to be evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house. Coronation Street legend Bruce Jones followed to rapturous cheers, leaving his 'soulmate' and onscreen wife Vicky Entwistle in tears.

(C) Channel 5

When Emma Willis spoke to Dustin he was excited to speak to his wife: “As soon as I get my phone it’s FaceTime”.  Emma asked what he’d miss from the house: “The only thing I’m going to miss is the weird things that Big Brother throws at you.  But the relationships I’ve made will stand the test of time”. 

When asked about Louie Dustin said: “He’s very extraverted but also very shy”.  He hopes that Abz from 5ive will win.

When Emma met Bruce he was happy for the change of scene: “After 16 days of not seeing faces it’s so great to see faces…I think I’ve done well for 16 days.  But what will onscreen wife Vicky Entwistle do without him? “It made it very easy for me and Vicky as we were going in as a pair, she looks sad now. She could have a bad night." 

When asked about what he’d learnt from the house: “Patience is a great thing…I wasn’t a very patient person, but there’s a lot to lose”.

Do you think the public made the right choice?

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Selena x

 Selena Ledgerton - MSN TV


Selena Ledgerton
MSN Reality TV

All the latest news and gossip from the Celebrity Big Brother house...

By SelenaLedgerton 04/09/2013 23:56
Model Sophie Anderton is the third celebrity to be evicted from Celebrity Big Brother 2013. She left the house to boos and was visibly shocked.

(C) Channel 5
Presenter Emma Willis asked Anderton about her reception: “I’ve watched the show many times and have a friend who's been on it. I've been told to be prepared for it. It's pantomime”. 

Emma asked if Sophie was surprised to be out of the house: “No, not at all, I’m probably one of the most boring housemates and I never wanted to win.  I went in for the experience”. 

She watched VT of her nominations and wasn't surprised to be called a 'know-it-all' and 'bossy'. “I’m a strong character…but watching it back makes me cringe, I hold my hands up”.

In a shocking twist Big Brother invited 'fake evictee' Carol McGiffin back to the house. Carol has been staying in the secret luxury pad after her housemates evicted her and she's had chance to spy on the group for 24 hours.

Big Brother advised her that as payback for her housemates evicting her, she could nominate one housemate for eviction on Friday. She chose Courtney Stodden.

"I'm choosing you Courtney because you got to see your husband by wearing the outfit but then refused to wear it for the rest of the task, so we failed the task. And when you nominated me, you said we've never had a conversation. We have had conversations but we will never have a proper conversation as long as there are mirrors around."

Tell it like it is Carol!

The remaining housemates will nominate face-to-face shortly. Pop back tomorrow for the BIG nominations reveal!

Did the right housemate leave tonight?
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 Selena Ledgerton - MSN TV


Selena Ledgerton
MSN Reality TV

All the latest news and gossip from the Celebrity Big Brother house...

By SelenaLedgerton 30/08/2013 23:17
Former football manager and sports pundit Ron Atkinson is the second celebrity to be evicted from Celebrity Big Brother 2013. (C) Channel 5Big Ron came out to a mixed reception and seemed surprised by the rally of cheers. Sitting down with Emma, Ron told her that he was relieved to be out of the house and he has had a different type of experience in his 10 days. “When you are in there, there is a lot going on. At times there is a boredom factor.” On his fellow housemates Ron told Emma that Bruce “was brilliant”; he was glad that Lauren had gone through as it meant a lot to her; Charlotte and Mario are “great kids”; Carol is “a loose cannon” and Vicky is “a little tiger”.
Ron elaborated on his connection with Bruce “I like someone who has a great sense of humour, fun clever humour and he’s got that.” When asked by Emma who he thinks will win Ron said he thought Mario would be in the final but “Abz absolutely amazed me. I have never met anyone like him.”

Do you think the public made the right choice?


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All the latest news and gossip from the Celebrity Big Brother house...

By SelenaLedgerton 24/08/2013 20:29
Controversial former football manager Ron Atkinson is the first Celebrity Big Brother housemate to be nominated by the Cult of Celebrity; Louie Spence, Sophie Anderton and Lauren Harries.

(C) Channel 5
Earlier today, Big Brother gathered the Cult of Celebrity together to make their decision on whom to put up for eviction and face the first public vote. They all agreed on Ron. Choreographer Louie Spence believed he had nothing in common with him.

(C) Channel 5
Later, Lauren, Louie and Sophie re-entered the main house via a secret door, all claiming they had only just arrived. Louie handed a bottle of champagne to Ron as a treat, which was actually Big Brother's way of indicating the Cult’s nomination decision - ouch!

(C) Channel 5
Funnily enough, the only housemate to question the charade was TOWIE star Mario Falcone. He was the first to guess that the triple threat must have been hidden away in a secret room but his suggestion was dismissed by the group as 'paranoid'.

This is Big Brother guys!

Do you think Lauren, Sophie and Louie have made the right choice?
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 Selena Ledgerton - MSN TV


Selena Ledgerton
MSN Reality TV


All the latest news and gossip from the Big Brother house...

By SelenaLedgerton 19/08/2013 08:25

Channel 5 has flung controversial housemate Hazel O'Sullivan back in the Big Brother house with a host of celebrities and evictees.


As part of Big Brother's Press Conference Task, producers invited Irish babe Hazel,  former detective Dan Neal, house shaman Wolfy Millington and more to grill the final five.

Celebrity Big Brother was represented by racing pundit John McCririck and Vanessa Feltz.

(C) Channel 5
First housemates were asked what had they learned about themselves during their time in the house.

Gina said she was a changed woman and that she never thought she would ever eat fish eyes and dog food for her team.

Charlie declared she walked into the Big Brother house completely lost. Since her mum left she has come out of her shell, ‘This is Charlie Travers, take it or leave it!’

Sam announced that he’s been himself, voiced his opinions and been lazy at times. He goes onto say that he’s proud and very happy to be in the final.

Dexter revealed his journey has been a journey of understanding. ‘I’ve tried, shared and cared and fully exposed myself. It would be amazing to win just for being me’.

And finally Jack and Joe agreed that everyone deserves to win and it’s been the best thing they’ve ever done.

(C) Channel 5

After the speeches, Big Brother revealed that the housemates would face a grilling from viewers’, celebrities and evictees. 

Gina was asked if she is jealous of Dexter spending time with Charlie, she replied that she has no reason to be jealous and said that her and Dexter are close anyway.

A viewer asked Charlie why she should win. Charlie squealed, 'I don't think I should win'. Charlie also managed to slip the words 'I adore Dexter but have no sexual feelings for him' into this answer. Don't ask me how!

Vanessa Feltz asked Sam if he's done anything entertaining in the house. He replied, ‘Sorry but who are you?’ I laughed too!

John McCririck asked Dexter what he has to offer. ‘I’ve offered all that I can and been myself’.

Ex housemate Dan asked Dexter to be honest with everyone now. Koh replied that he’s really come into himself, is honest and can walk out of those doors with his head held high.

Callum told Sam to keep sticking up for himself and asked why it’s taking him so long to voice his opinion? Sam replied that sometimes he misses the whole story so then doesn’t say anything.

Hazel informed Jack and Joe they are doing well, and not to be afraid to speak out. She asks why are they so concerned about what people think of them. Jack said it’s because they’ve never been in a position where everyone has an opinion of them, wile Joe revealed he had felt insecure since Hazel left the house.

(C) Channel 5
Big Brother rewarded the housemates for their honesty with a fine Italian last supper. As always they had a chance to thank the group for their experience and discuss who deserved to win.

Join me tonight on Twitter @msnents from 9pm for live coverage of the Big Brother final. I can't wait to hear your views... who wins?

 Selena Ledgerton - MSN TV


Selena Ledgerton
MSN Reality TV
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