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By SelenaLedgerton 27/10/2011 16:09


Glow sticks at the ready!

Last night housemates were challenged to down a cinnamon shot to win a 90's Rave Party. It sounds simple enough but unfortunately there was a twist - the cinnamon was powdered!

(C) Channel 5

At the klaxon, the group had to swallow the teaspoon of cinnamon without drinking any liquid or letting any of the cinnamon escape from their mouths.
In order to pass three out of the seven housemates had to swallow the lot!

UPDATE: Harry, Aaron and Jay successfully managed to swallow their cinnamon shot so as promised, Big Brother provided glow sticks, mesh armbands, luminous tights, tutus and wigs. I don't remember wearing a tutu back in the day?

(C) Channel 5
The good news is that it lifted the housemates spirits after Jem's departure, whistle posse blow!

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