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Celebrity Big Brother: Samantha Brick and Danica Thrall evicted!

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By SelenaLedgerton 31/08/2012 22:51
Samantha Brick and Danica Thrall are the forth and fifth housemates to be evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house. The pair were ejected over Coleen Nolan who survived the public 'vote to save'.

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During her interview with Brian, Samantha said, “I went in as someone with a bit of a reputation and I’d like to think I might have turned that on it’s head a little bit”.

Samantha admitted that during the face-to-face nominations on Wednesday she felt like “the runt of the litter” and an easy target. "I've never been part of any cliques."

On the tension between Julie Goodyear and Coleen Nolan, Samantha had her own views: “There is one position for queen bee in the house and that position is rightly held by Julie. At one point Coleen cried for hours after nominations and we all felt terrible, she could just turn it on. Coleen is a brilliant emotional manipulator”.

Samantha wanted Danica out next, and Ashley or Julie to win

(C) Channel 5

Model and (ahem) entrepreneur Danica Thrall left the house to deafening boos.

Presenter Brian Dowling was excited to discover the truth about the love triangle, Danica said : “I am a very flirtatious person and I always have been. I love Prince Lorenzo and I love The Situation but I would never have crossed that line. I have a beautiful boyfriend."

Brian was a star and pushed Danica about her flirting with The Situation, "Do you not think you crossed that line by tweaking his nipples, rubbing him, hugging him and pressing your naked body against the shower infront of him?"

Danica put her head in her hands and revealed, "I can see now that I did cross the line." Her boyfriend looked on... though was there to hug her as she left the stage.

Are you happy with the result tonight?

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Selena x

I'll be here daily with all the news from the house but don't forget to join me LIVE on Wednesday from 8pm for the Celebrity Big Brother semi-final. It's another double eviction. Who goes? As always I'll be giving my views but what I really want to know is what you think. See you there!

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01/09/2012 07:51
I actually liked Danica as a housemate, sorry to see her go, but so happy that Coleen was saved, thats one in the eye for julie goodyear (old bag in drag makeup) Coleen to win !!!
I think Danica was treated so shabbily by the boys i stress boys as you couldn't possibly call them men with  there infantile behaviour and Julie is a old has been who should be ashamed of her horrible manners chewing gum non stop never ending ****  i have never seen a more two faced slag in my life.
Now Dannica can go back to selling herself for sex on babestation where she came from.

She's a dirty trollup
01/09/2012 09:14
What's with the illuminati hand signal again Danica?
01/09/2012 10:04
Think julie and sam were devious backstabbers, but with julie its just a performance, `in it to win it`, etc, but sam the sit on the fence boring  motherly cook and friend for all, showed her rude, petty mean  vindictiveness  at the after show chats, towards danica, riann, coleen and julian, all more themselves and interesting than she was.
01/09/2012 11:53

I cannot understand why anyone likes Julie. If she is such a good actress what has she been in since she left Corrie??

She is just living up to her name as a prize bitch, all she has done (besides backstabbing) in the house is smoke and chew, and if she is using chewing for facial excercises it is clearly not working!!!!

01/09/2012 08:18



01/09/2012 10:01
I can honestly say, I couldn`t really give a crap.. How did I end up on this page?
01/09/2012 12:27

Danica has no respect for herself or anybody else, all she cares about is her look and money. she uses men like men uses prostitutes.

01/09/2012 10:53
People who r slagging off Julie, Danica Samantha etc well look how u r talking!!!! using nasty words to describe them, that makes you just as bad, It is a game, not nice to c ppl saying stuff but still it a game, ppl r jealous thats the bottom line, not just of Danica!
01/09/2012 14:03
Kisu. and i'm from Mars not that it is possible to prove anything in cyberspace! Smiled at  the rest though! There are a lot of mysoginists/hypocrites on here. Danica and ilk, would be out of a job if she didn't have customers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Carol; Julie, bless her? is in her 70's. give the woman a break now. If someone decides to come out of retirement for a short while for the sheer pleasure/hell/wonga, let them. Julie is ver CAPABLE. Her past has proven that and we only know what we know. Liked the facial exercise bit. doesn't do any senior any harm, especially is they admit to chain smoking!!!
Remembered; "if you,ld like to see the boys who put the powder..... you're too late because they just passed by".

01/09/2012 10:00

Danica was brilliant in the house unlike that stick insect jasmine ,at least this girl livened the house up, none of the others have or did.

Those who slag this girl off are just jealous trolls. Its going to be boring in the house now with drag queen Julie & weeping stirrer Coleen who is just as bad.

The three boys are just immature children who cannot comprehend that the girls were just having fun , as for ashley he made Rhian's life in the house hell with his immature infatuation.


Best CBB so far , Lorenzo to win.....

01/09/2012 09:56
no its not fair that every one was picking on danica.since she went in bb house.she was makeing the house the house looks so boreing .danica should have stayed in the house.
01/09/2012 11:12
Well if? BB is mostly scripted, whatever we think of Danica, she is one helluvan actress. Maybe we will see more of her in other stuff on TV in the future, presumably when the "adult" stuff becomes tomorrow's fish and chip paper. From the comments here regarding Samantha, it would seem that her words regarding females and brains, are true. Still, women trying to make it in the corporate world, have to try and work, twice as hard as blokes.

P.S "because you're too late" Brian's catch phrase. Reminds me of something, tv game show, quiz way back in the past. Can anyone remember? Good then and great now it's revived again.

01/09/2012 12:00

The 'boys' wouldn't have slagged her oof if she had slept with the occasional table (brilliant name from Julian Clary) or Price Lorenzo. She would have been "their girl" and protected because of that but she didn't cross that line.

The women were just jealous of her looks and light hearted attitude.

Jasmine is  foul mouthed  and sick in the head and her mother is no better. I pity Jasmine's young son. 

01/09/2012 10:30
All you girls who dont like Danica are jealous of her looks and the attraction she has.  All you guys who dont like her are stupid, take a second look or get new glasses.
01/09/2012 08:25
SO PLEASED that dirty tramp has been kicked out if the last 4  in are julie harvey julian and martin then i will be happy whoever wins
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